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 Nava Haghighi

selected Work
       1. Self-Interfaces (ongoing)
       2. Loa (ongoing)
       3. PUMA DynamicFIT
       4. EDA Trainer (2018)
       5. Atolla (2017-2018)
       6. Blo (2014)
       7. Stranj(ers) (2014-2015)
               . Pulpa
               . Bran
               . Horder
               . Nonam
               . Mater
               . Skop
       8. Plant. (2017)
       9. Lings (2016-2017)
               . Ling-02 (Gooman)
               . Ling-05 (Wi-Ling)
       10. Material Research
               . PCM Explorations (2015)
               . Relaxed (2014)
               . ClipFlip (2015)
       11. Takahashi (2014)



Inflatable Installation
Vellum Furniture Competition
Fall 2014


Blo is an inflatable, occupiable, and portable lamp that nests into its surrounding environment and increases awareness towards the existing environmental conditions.

Blo captures the environmental vibrations, sounds, and noises and manifests them through flickering lights and clicks.

Blo is honest. It is proud in its inflating qualities and makes sure the user is aware of those qualities by constantly reminding them.

Blo blends in perfectly with all environments and because of its inherent meditative qualities, is a great place to relax after a long day.

Blo is irresistibly awesome! But make sure you take off your shoes and enjoy the ride.