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Nava Haghighi

selected Work

       1. Self-Interfaces
             . Self-interfaces framework (ongoing)
             . EDA Self-interface (ongoing)
       2. Loa
       3. PUMA DynamicFIT
       4. EDA Trainer 
       5. Atolla
       6. Blo 
       7. Stranj(ers) 
             . Pulpa
             . Bran
             . Horder
             . Nonam
             . Mater
             . Skop
       8. Plant.
       9. Lings
             . Ling-02 (Gooman)
             . Ling-05 (Wi-Ling)
       10. material research and fabrication
             . PCM Explorations
             . Relaxed
             . ClipFlip
             . Takahashi 



Installation for Pinterest Creative Space
San Francisco, CA
with IwamotoScott Architecture
Summer 2014

Commissioned by Pinterest, Takahashi is a string installation in an old brick building in the design district of San Francisco.
Three figures are suspended in space through the attachment of strings to the original structure at three different points. The primary challenge in this project was to create a low-cost spatial installation, while respecting egress requirements and not making any modifications or attachments to the original structure. As a result, the team had to develop creative ways of installing the hardware.
Responsibilities include working with the design lead to develop and present various design iterations using computational design tools, developing construction details, budgeting and purchasing the materials, developing and testing multiple color schemes, creating an efficient construction work-flow, and assigning tasks to multiple temporary assisting teams.

All images courtesy of IwamotoScott Architecture