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Nava Haghighi

selected Work

       1. Self-Interfaces
             . Self-interfaces framework (ongoing)
             . EDA Self-interface (ongoing)
       2. Loa
       3. PUMA DynamicFIT
       4. EDA Trainer 
       5. Atolla
       6. Blo 
       7. Stranj(ers) 
             . Pulpa
             . Bran
             . Horder
             . Nonam
             . Mater
             . Skop
       8. Plant.
       9. Lings
             . Ling-02 (Gooman)
             . Ling-05 (Wi-Ling)
       10. material research and fabrication
             . PCM Explorations
             . Relaxed
             . ClipFlip
             . Takahashi 


, Horder

41’-0” x 47’-0” x 60’-0”
gestation period:: 48 months
Las Vegas, Nevada
repurposing the useless
penetrate > destroy > collect rubble > digest > internally ejaculate > rebuild
ejaculation can be explored, carved into, sculpted, pulled, formed

:: Horder detects buildings that are not exciting to him, poorly designed, and materialistic.
:: Horder sticks to those buildings and slowly eats away what it does not like about them.
:: Horder then digests the rubble through its skin and combines it with its juice.
:: Horder slowly pours itself into what it makes and although it ultimately dissipates, it continues to live through what it has created.
:: Once the rubble is digested, it is ejaculated into the Horder belly.
:: This ejaculated material is extremely unique.
:: It is carvable like the caves of Cappadocia.
:: Moldable like the finest clay.
:: And yet, it is so strong that the strongest of the tornados cannot tear it down.
:: Horder constantly rebuilds and adds to itself and even every once in a while adds something to its collection of building components.


You are now free to occupy any Horder
What does your space look like.
What are you doing in this space.
How is it you.

:: the old cheese mines
:: zero gravity
:: a beautiful large space at the bottom with a QUADRUPLE height
:: slide
:: sleeping anemone
:: dead-end confusion tunnels
:: napping cubbies with the contours of my body
:: piinut: awakening chamber for new carvers
:: room of bubbles + digestion
:: transportation centipede
:: christmas lights and lots of graffiti
:: stalking/observing/watching +sleeping
:: distorted simple primary geometries due to thick ominous atmosphere
:: swings because who doesn’t love swings
:: gelatinous objects
:: obnoxious stairs
:: plant succulents and grow stuff
:: roll around like a dog when it makes its bed
:: i am the creator of creator space
:: spaghetti gratin
:: silver rooms
:: stronger than steel harder than diamond lighter than air yet moldable as putty
:: free speech newspaper
:: sex tentacles
:: pulley pods lift you up through the grand space
:: my very own pool
:: organic plastic of unknown molecular configuration