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 Nava Haghighi

selected Work
       1. Self-Interfaces (ongoing)
       2. Loa (ongoing)
       3. PUMA DynamicFIT
       4. EDA Trainer 
       5. Atolla
       6. Blo 
       7. Stranj(ers) – queer objects
               . Pulpa
               . Bran
               . Horder
               . Nonam
               . Mater
               . Skop
       8. Plant.
       9. Lings
               . Ling-02 (Gooman)
               . Ling-05 (Wi-Ling)
       10. Material Research
               . PCM Explorations
               . Relaxed
               . ClipFlip
       11. Takahashi 


Nava Haghighi — designer . artist . computer science researcher

I’m an artist, designer, and computer science researcher. My work is grounded in cognitive and neuro science, as well as critical theory. In my work, I investigate and question the beliefs underlying the design of technology, and find historical alternatives that could have led to a different status quo. Then I use those alternatives to imagine what today’s present could have been, and develop work in the imagined alternatives.

I do this with two goals in mind: 1. By amplifying the agency of the more-than-human, question human exceptionalism and disorient the notion of the human as a fully agent biological individual, and 2. by building in alternative belief systems, normalize the existence of multiple ontologies and worldviews.

born in tehran.iran
currently call california home

PhD student, Stanford department of computer science (HCI group)

dual master’s, IDM (integrated design & management) + computer science at MIT

bachelor of architecture, Cal Poly San Luis Obispo