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Nava Haghighi

selected Work

       1. Self-Interfaces
             . Self-interfaces framework (ongoing)
             . EDA Self-interface (ongoing)
       2. Loa
       3. PUMA DynamicFIT
       4. EDA Trainer 
       5. Atolla
       6. Blo 
       7. Stranj(ers) 
             . Pulpa
             . Bran
             . Horder
             . Nonam
             . Mater
             . Skop
       8. Plant.
       9. Lings
             . Ling-02 (Gooman)
             . Ling-05 (Wi-Ling)
       10. material research and fabrication
             . PCM Explorations
             . Relaxed
             . ClipFlip
             . Takahashi 


. Mater

82’-0” x 130’-0” x 34’-0”
gestation period: n/a
birthing Stranj(ers)
design > program > impregnate > birth
designer as the sole user

:: The Mater is the creator of all, the guardian. It is the most direct connection of the designer to a Stranj(er).
:: The designer is the sole user of Mater. The designer codes the Mater and gives it instruction on how to translate the given data. Once the Mater is impregnated, depending on the gestation period of the Stranj(er), it will slowly start to expand to accommodate the growth of its Stranj(er) fetus.
:: Mater is typically hovering and is in constant motion. Once two Maters are within a fifty mile radius of each other, a forcefield is created between the two causing both Maters to attach and exchange their fetus. The Mater will then continue constructing its corresponding Stranj(er) which results in the creation of a mixed blood Stranj(er). The resulting Stranj(er) can have a combination of looks, function, or both.
:: The birthing process consists of the Mater preparing for the descend by positioning itself above the future Stranj(er) location. Upon descend, the internal legs will extrude allowing the Mater to settle on the surrounding context while minimizing the distance from the destination.
:: The newborn Stranj(er) is then released into place.